Introducing Airim

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Hey there, let us tell you a bit about Airim.

Airim enables enterprises to have more effective business conversations online. We started this to fill up the gaps in obtaining the voice of the market real time, which is faced by businesses of all sizes.

In our previous jobs, we found companies losing big business opportunities as they were not able to identify the pulse of the market at the right time.

They tried analysing keywords used in search bars, but that did not give them enough data to find patterns easily.

They tried going through live chat conversations, but data over there was highly unstructured and never present in enough volume to help them make a business decision.

After continuous experiments and feedback from experts in the field of marketing, we found that one of the most effective ways to figure out trends in a company’s target market is by asking the visitors of the company website what brought them there. Then make the aggregate data available in a real-time dashboard which can be viewed by marketing managers to make strategic decisions.

This might sound like just common sense, but it is really hard to implement in practice.

After several pilots on different websites, we found that website visitors really love to have a place where they can get fast answers to questions on top of their mind. This can be done either in a search bar or on a live chat.

Search bars give instant answers to queries, while live chat gives more accurate replies to complex questions. If we combine both together, website visitors can get accurate answers to their queries really fast. This is a boon for buyers as well as marketers, as the time taken for a purchase reduces drastically.

We built Airim to do exactly that. We place a widget on websites that makes it very super-easy for users to indicate what they want and combine that with Google Analytics data to take the user to the right content.

The response rate we have observed is pretty high. In one website, we have seen 64% of the widget users make a purchase decision right after using the widget. And this is on a site that receives over 30,000 unique visitors a month.

This method not only saw marketers see an increase in website lead conversion by upto 5% (on high-traffic websites), the customers they got were also higher in lead quality.

And the volume of data collected is huge. Marketers from several well-known brands in the service industry work closely with Airim’s team of experts to get a highly accurate view of their buyer journey.

Based on this data, we have seen companies change their sales messages, make tweaks to their product line and even discover demand for a new product.

Airim has been rapidly adopted by big names in SaaS, financial services and education industries of India in the past few months and as of December 2017, it is being used by over 1,000 people per second to find correct information faster on websites globally.

This is just the beginning: we want FAQ-based interaction to be the most common way to interact with customers worldwide. Which is why today, the 7th of December, we are coming out of stealth mode to take Airim’s concept to the market.

Do check us out on and your feedback will always be appreciated.