5 Fundamental Benefits of the AirPod Smart Napping Pod

AirPod Napping Pod
Mar 13, 2018 · 3 min read

Passengers can spend several hours waiting for their flight in airport terminals. Most of them are subjected to delays, extended transfers, or long check-in times and are forced to spend their time in a busy, bustling terminal with little, to no privacy. AirPod offers a convenient and affordable way to maximize and enjoy their time spent in these airport terminals.

Our essential objective was to enable transit passengers, travelers or businessmen to relax, sleep, work, or have fun in privacy without leaving the airport. Now, they will be able to undertake tasks in total privacy and comfort and still remain in the heart of a public or commercial space.

5 main benefits of AirPod, you should be familiar with:


The AirPod offers privacy, security and safety — the opportunity for you to change your perception of airport travelling, in particular spending time in airports while waiting or taking a rest. Now you are able to have complete privacy while still staying in the hearth of public space.


Airpods will be located in the airport secure area. You have to go beyond security, to access the secure area. This means the security is on the highest possible level.

Also, the AirPod offers safe and secure option to store personal belongings, such as luggage and handbags.


The AirPod is a luxurious and fully functional sleeping pod, which is designed to accommodate overnight and short term stays with all the features you would expect.


We take care of cleaning by implementing Self-disinfection LED system in the AirPod. LED produces a high quality white light that also provides continuous disinfection through precisely engineered wavelengths of visible light. Laboratory and controlled room experiments show up to a 90% bacteria reduction in a treated environment for one day. This system meets international standards for human safety and light exposure. Also, the last step before next customer can use the AirPod is a physical check by our stuff at the airport.


While stress is a major factor that our users have in common, we integrated anti-stress technology that Relax & Revitalize. According to scientific studies, various scents, sounds and colors stimulate cognitive recognition in the brain. That is why AirPod is integrated by revitalizing technology, which encourages our three most important senses — scent, vision and hearing. During a 15-minute treatment, all three senses are being monitored by the Biofeedback device (before and after effect).


Inhalation of specially developed formula GA 307, which contains natural ethereal oils, decreases levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), caused by stress.


In therapeutic terms, colors are increasingly used in the treatment of allergies, inflammation, rheumatic diseases, migraines, hormonal disorders and psychological problems, such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia and fears. Colors can stimulate, normalize or have a calming effect.


Given that the human body is composed mostly of water, the possibility of generating effects within the body using sound patterns sounds provocative.

AirPod Blog

Introducing the future of spending time at the airport.

AirPod Napping Pod

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AirPod Smart Napping pod, your Privacy Capsule, is transforming the experience of airport transit passengers. Please follow us at https://air-pod.io.

AirPod Blog

Introducing the future of spending time at the airport.

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