AirPod Napping Pod
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Wilsonic Design is a design studio, specialized in new product development, industrial design and engineering. With several Red Dot Design awards and in-depth customer understanding, supported by targeted market and user analysis they brought significant value to every stage of the AirPod design process.

Wilsonic Design: “We design for humans.”

TAM Electric Bus (designed by Wilsonic Design)

It is in common opinion that the design is all about aesthetics, about looking good. AIRPOD needs more than that. AirPod Smart Napping Pod must join the best of design with the top user experience. Our core partner, Wilsonic Design supports our product development with skills in comfort design, functional design, physical ergonomics and understanding the needs of the users. They will develop AirPod Smart Napping Pod into a safe, efficient, enjoyable and easy-to-use product.

Wilsonic Design: ”The design is a language with its own rules and expectations.”

ELAN E3 sailboat Interior (designed by Wilsonic Design)

Wilsonic Design was established almost 20 years ago by a successful businesswoman and designer — Nina Mihovec. She gathered a team with the highest grade of expertise in the field of design. Their extensive knowledge in industrial design comes from many products successfully placed on the market — electric buses, vacuum cleaners, examination tables, smart meters, gambling hardware, mobile houses, caravans, mobile homes, etc. One of the most known is a caravan, made for company Adria Mobil, which brought Nina Mihovec the award for Slovenian designer of the year. They also won several Red Dot Design Awards for different products.

Award-winning ADRIA Mobil ACTION (designed by Wilsonic Design)

Wilsonic Design: “It’s not enough to be different and stand out; you still need a way to connect to your user and stay true to your brand.”

“At Wilsonic Design, designers work side by side with engineers. They define and implement the design strategy based on understanding our identity and our long-term goals. A very few design studios can provide such a comprehensive approach, that is why Wilsonic Design is a guarantee for our safe and profound product development.” Grega Mrgole, AIRPOD CEO

AirPod Blog

Introducing the future of spending time at the airport.

AirPod Napping Pod

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AirPod Smart Napping pod, your Privacy Capsule, is transforming the experience of airport transit passengers. Please follow us at

AirPod Blog

Introducing the future of spending time at the airport.

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