AirPod Napping Pod
Jun 20, 2018 · 3 min read

Renting AirPod unit will cost you from $18 (or around 15 €), which is affordable price in comparison to other possibilities that you have while waiting for your next flight.

If you have waited for your connecting or delayed flight at least once in your life until now, you know the pain. Wi-Fi is not free, drinks are overpriced, airport seats are so uncomfortable and lounge programs are really expensive.

Overall potential spending breakdown

Water and coffee cost: (average price on airports)

Coffee: 2–4 €

Water: 2–3 €

Wi-Fi cost: (average price on UK airports)

Approx.: 4.5 € / hour

Approx.: 6 €/ 2 hours

Approx.: 10 € / day

Lounge programs — cost:

Example 1: One of the world’s largest independent airport lounge access program with over 1000 lounges at airports.


Annual fee 99€

Per visit 24€

Guest visit fee 24€


Annual fee 249€

Per visit 10 FREE visits, then 24€

Guest visit fee 24€


Annual fee 399€

Per visit ALL FREE

Guest visit fee 24€

Example 2: Heathrow airport Lounge

• Entry fee: 40 GBP (max. 3hours)

• POD bedroom: 20 GBP / hour

Cost for 3 hours: 100GBP

Cost comparison: (on a basis of 3 hour waiting time)

AIRPOD Rent: 15€ / hour or $18 / hour

Total cost: 45€ (around $53)

Not renting (WIFI, coffee and water): 6–8€ (coffee & water), 10€ (WI-FI)

Total cost:16–18€ (around $20)

Lounge programs — Example 1: Annual fee €99, Per visit fee €24

Total cost: 123€ (around $145)

Lounge programs — Example 2: Entry fee: 40 GBP (max. 3 hours), POD bedroom: 20 GBP / hour

Total cost: 113€ (around $133)

Renting the AirPod

You will be able to rent AirPod on-site or on-reservation. If you will rent it on-site, you will simply be able to check availability of each AirPod hub, stationed on the airport. After choosing an available hub, you will be able to start the renting process. The chosen unit will be kept in reservation state during the whole renting process.

If you decide, you want to be sure, there will be AirPod hub waiting for you, when you come to the airport, you will be able to remotely reserve a unit via online and mobile application. Applications will operate as a remote ATM with same functionalities as a stationed unit.

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AirPod Blog

Introducing the future of the Micro real estate with macro returns

AirPod Napping Pod

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AirPod Blog

Introducing the future of the Micro real estate with macro returns

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