Instructions for Contribution in Ethereum (ETH)

The AirPod team has prepared instruction on how to participate in AirPod pre-sale contribution with Ethereum (ETH).

Please follow the instructions carefully.

Here is a short summary of the most basic rules:

  • ONLY Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency will be accepted.
  • Please do NOT send your ETH from different exchanges. ONLY use an ERC20 compatible wallet when sending your ETH (such as MyEtherWallet, Mist ETH Wallet, Parity).
  • Carefully FOLLOW the rules below.


  1. Fill out KYC

2. Send ETH to the AirPod’s wallet

Step 1: Fill out KYC on AirPod’s website

Go to and fill out your information.

After that, you will receive a conformation e-mail with wallet address — the one you have to send your ETH to.

Step 2: Send ETH to AirPod’s wallet

Go to (make sure you are actually on the correct webpage and not on any other duplicated or scam page) and choose the “Send Ether & Tokens” tab. First, you will need to unlock your wallet: select the “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” option, choose your locally saved keystore wallet file, enter the password, and choose the “Unlock” button.

After unlocking your wallet please make sure to copy/paste the exact Address provided in the conformation email.

Copy address into the “To Address” field on the “Send Transaction” page. Enter the amount of ETH you want to contribute to the APOD Token pre-sale in the “Amount to Send” field.

Please check again if all the entered data are correct, in particular, that you have entered the correct Address provided to you and if you have entered the correct amount of ETH you wish to send.

If all the data are correctly entered, choose “Generate Transaction” button to generate the transaction code. Confirm the code by choosing the “Send Transaction” button that appears below the “Raw Transaction” and “Signed Transaction” fields.

Your transaction is now underway and needs to be processed/confirmed.

ETH rate will be determined on the opening day of the Crowdsale.

When token crowdsale officially starts you will get APOD Tokens into your wallet (we will prepare detailed instructions on what to do so that you will be able to see the APOD Tokens in the wallet).

Welcome to AirPod!