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Flying Vertically Through a Thunderhead

Being a pilot is awesome. Flying F/A-18's out of Naval Air Station Key West instructing Air Combat Maneuvering is awesome. However, even awesome…


(Overseas Filipino Workers)

Last night we accompanied my cousin Jacquelyn to the airport in Manila. She is in the air now bound to Italy as OFW. She is one of the…

“May I open your bag, sir?”

To bin or not to bin

Every airport, every trip, here is always something new to deal with in security. This time Heathrow had four agents manning every screening line. One technician monitored the bags going through the X-ray screening. Two did the pat down searches and reset the metal detectors, and the fourth pulled bags out of the flow…

It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Too Cheap to Fly Faster

Historical Context in the Jet Age of Aviation

Why General Aviation is Important

The Cradle, the Lab, the Passion 

The sun has not yet crested the horizon as I pull my airplane out of the hanger. Birds chirp in…

I Always Wanted To Be a Pilot

Flying My RV-4 For the First Time

I bought my airplane in August 2010. It’s an 1988 Van’s Aircraft RV-4. The Van’s RV series is the…

Stranded in Chicago

It can always get worse

Standing at the Chicago United Airlines customer service desk at 11pm January (2011), annoyed by my cancelled connection…

Paul and Suzette

(A somewhat fictionalized version of a conversation I overheard.)

The man's name is Paul. He's 31. He is flying from Washington, D.C., to Chicago and he isn…

Surf Pop: Apple’s Stylistic Return to California

Why Apple is re-aligning itself with its contemporaries and the subcultures it helped create.

Little Miracles

Listening to the Hombre Jesus Woman 

It’s eleven in the morning, and I’m sitting in the DFW airport waiting for the AeroMexico desk to open. “Oh, they…

Bootstrapping in Saigon

Why you should bootstrap your startup in Vietnam

As a startup guy, I’m well aware of the power of community and scenes.

A Love Letter

The strange and ironic world of airports

I have been infatuated by airports since I got on my first plane. I was six years old that time.

Three Years Ago

( My Visit To Davao City)

My friend and college classmate Felis had tried her luck in Davao City, a major city in Mindanao here in the Philippines. In…

McDonald’s Theory

I use a trick with co-workers when we’re trying to decide where to eat for lunch and no one has any ideas. I recommend McDonald’s.

An interesting thing happens. Everyone unanimously agrees that we can’t possibly go to McDonald’s, and better lunch suggestions emerge. Magic!

It’s as if we’ve broken the ice with the worst possible idea, and…

The Arrival

Last week. A good friend of mine had a conversation with via facebook. She was in Hongkong. She asked if I will be available on May 1. Upon checking on my schedule I will be OK on…

What Jeff Bridges Said

Santa Barbara Airport, the newly opened (beautiful) terminal, Wednesday morning. Who's sitting there a few feet away from us? Why he's probably on his way to play his…

This is Russia

Back in 2005 Moscow Domodedovo, door of the great Russia, was nothing but a dirty and decadent ring corridor. It represented the full disregard for public affairs of the new…

China, unexpected

This is my story of getting stranded in China. Not quite the airport layover I expected when purchasing tickets from Hong Kong to Tokyo by way of Dalian. (I should note that…

How I lost a flight and won a long day trip

Living in São Paulo for the last two months was kind of a good time. It was a long time since I had last been in the city. I had some…

I was (nearly) arrested at Hong Kong airport.

I'd just flown in from China, and handed over all of my remaining Chinese currency to be exchanged. The very nice lady at the TravelX booth…

Airport Stories
Airport Stories

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