100,000 Moments Saved Using AirShr!

It’s a big day at AirShr HQ today.

Today we celebrate a major milestone in AirShr’s journey. Listeners of NOVA1069 in Brisbane have saved over 100,000 radio moments since 11 March. By pressing the in-app AirShr button people have entered competitions and saved music, interviews, ads and news to enjoy long after the moment has passed.

With the extraordinary help of Nova Entertainment and Grant Broadcasters AirShr is helping listeners to never miss a moment on radio. And with new features to easily share radio with friends and followers, vote on polls and influence music played by stations, we’re just getting started.

If you haven’t experienced AirShr, download it for iPhone or Android, listen to NOVA1069 from inside the app and press the AirShr button! We’d love your thoughts on how to make AirShr better.

Now, back to work.

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