AirShr’s Latest App Update Has Arrived

And it’s jam-packed with goodness!

Plenty, that what!

When we say you’ll never miss a moment on radio when you use AirShr, this is what we mean:

#1 You get the entire interview even if you missed the beginning when you save anywhere in a talk show (Tada! Instant podcast)

#2 You get details of every deal when you save an ad (say goodbye to forgetting that phone number or website!)

#3 You get to dive deeper into the details when you save the news (so you can be the one to break the news!)

#4 You get LYRICS when you save songs from radio (now you can sing the right chorus in the shower)


#5 You can SHARE anything you save on AirShr with your friends via email, SMS and Facebook (and every other social network!)

You might be saying “OK, you have my attention. What else?”

Well, it’s time to tell the station what you think about the music they’re playing. Save a song and make your voice heard by choosing ‘Love it’, ‘Like it’ or ‘Over it’!

You can also expect to see more videos with the moments you love!

And we also pulled out the tools:
- Fixed: An issue that made ‘Finding Your Moment’ bars in your list view hang around for longer than they were welcome. They just weren’t necessary. Sorry for that!
- Fixed: You can now vote on a poll without touching your iPhone when it’s paired with the delicious AirShr Bluetooth Remote. If you’re hungry for this little Bluetooth button, hit MENU > REMOTES and order one!

Oh, and did we tell you that we have an insatiable appetite for new ideas and your thoughts on how to make AirShr better? …Well, we do! If you have an idea for a feature, a bug that’s really upsetting you or if you want to finish this sentence “It would be sooo cool if AirShr could: …”, then hit MENU > Make AirShr Better and let us know!

If you’re new to AirShr you can download it for iPhone or Android and tune into NOVA1069!

Thanks for using AirShr!

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