The Radio Moment That Made A Difference Today.

Here it is in case you missed it.

AirShr started with a moment that piqued my interest and I had a similar experience again this morning. I heard the voice of a little boy saying thank you to those who had donated blood to make a product that helps him live a better life.

Unlike the first moment that got away before AirShr existed, I saved it at 6:18am and I’d like to share it with you just in case you’ve not heard it.

This single moment brings together multimedia including video to tell a powerful and compassionate story. The best part is it came from 30 seconds of radio.

This is the future of radio and I’m proud that our team has built a platform that elevates radio moments that people love. I’m also proud, like many others, to be a serial donor at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service so if you can, please consider donating platelets, plasma or whole blood. It’ll make an immediate difference to a stranger in need.

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