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A new home for AirTree’s Open Source VC resources

We started Open Source VC in 2017 on a mission to open up the black box that is venture capital. Since then, we’ve been creating actionable, company-building resources to help founders and their teams shorten their learning curves and get s**t done.

We’ve built up an extensive library of resources over time with the help of our community. It makes our day when we hear from a founder that we’ve saved them from the headache of drafting an advisor agreement or they’ve found an angel investor through our crowd-sourced list of investors.

It was a bit scrappy to start with (as all good things are), but now we’re excited to share the new home of Open Source VC!

Check out the Open Source VC library here

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Got a request? Shoot us an email ( and tell us what Open Source VC resource you’d like to see next.

In the meantime, here’s a roundup of our most popular resources to date:

✍🏼Documents & Templates

📝Lists & Databases

📕Guides & How-To’s

📈Industry Trends & Analysis



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