World class Aussie founders: Our investment in Snappr

Part of the Snappr team in San Francisco, California, including co-founders Ed Kearney (far left) and Matt Schiller (far right)

Our mission at AirTree is to back truly world class Australian founders. We found just that in Matt Schiller and Ed Kearney from Snappr and are delighted to be participating in their $2.5m seed round.

The market for photography services is huge ($30bn!) and, of all the service industries, only the taxi market is more fragmented. Everyone needs great photos more than ever, but pro photographers find it extremely difficult to connect with their customers. Snappr sets out to solve this problem by creating a seamless marketplace for you to find and book a pro photographer from as little as $59.

This is a known problem and has been tried in different guises elsewhere. So why Snappr?

First and most importantly, the founding team. Matt and Ed have all the traits we look for in great founders: sparkling intellects, a true connection with the problem and a data-driven, growth mindset. This also isn’t their first rodeo — they previously co-founded Gown Town and it was at graduation ceremonies that they truly appreciated the opportunity for better photography services.

Second, sustainable traction. Snappr experienced truly exceptional growth in its first few months of operations. This helped demonstrate the clear customer desire for Snappr’s solution and is a credit to the team’s growth nous. Clever marketing such as Snappr’s LinkedIn photo analyzer tool lit up the internet early on (check out how your profile pic scores!).

The Snappr team moved to San Francisco earlier this year where they’ve gone from strength to strength. We are excited to be supporting another great Australian team making international waves.

Need a photographer? No occasion is too small. Snappr can help with anything from a full fashion shoot to an 2 year old’s birthday party to a new LinkedIn profile pic. Try it out today: