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Illustration by Jin Ju

Hi! From the Design team @Airtasker!

I’m Fra. I figured it was about time we introduced ourselves and let you all know what we’re trying to do with this little publication — nothing formal but we’re glad to see you here 🙂 .

Ambition @ Airtasker

Let’s start with a bit of background on Airtasker.

We want to build a safe, trustworthy online marketplace, bringing together people that want to work with those who want work done. Our mission is to help people to realise the full potential of their skills.

Yeah, sounds ambitious I know. That’s because it is. But we see it as our opportunity to work on something important. And we all know how rarely that happens. We sincerely believe that this can genuinely change lives and communities for the better—hey, inside every designer there’s a young idealist clamouring to get out!

This post is all about the role of design in shaping something revolutionary at Airtasker and how our team would like to help make this shift.

We believe design is a discipline, not a department. We know design can’t succeed in a vacuum and it can only produce amazing results when it’s collaborative and open.

That’s why we’ll be sharing what we are learn, our approach, our failures and our victories. We’re all in for the “Design Community”, and it’s up to us to make it work and make it better.

Design @ Airtasker

From Tim’s (our Founder & CEO Tim Fung) original brand vision to Jon’s (our first Designer Jonnie Farrell) first sketches, it’s been clear design has been central to the progress of Airtasker.

These days we’re lucky enough to have an incredibly diverse set of skills in our team, each with their own focus and passions. We’ve got product designers, illustrators and interactive designers. There’s also brand designers, ux-researchers and ux-copywriters. While we’re a smallish group of people, we’re united by a heartwarmingly genuine interest in making Airtasker better everyday.

We’d like this to be the place to learn, find inspiration and beauty. We want to share with you an honest and open view into our world — but we’d also like to learn from you!

So follow us here on Medium, and while you’re at it, follow us on Twitter at @airtaskerdesign.

We’re just getting started and hope you’re looking forward to this as much as we are!

Much love,

The Airtasker Design team

Want to be part of our Design Team? We’re hiring.

The Airtasker Tribe

We come from different places, distinct cultures and a…

Francesco de Chirico

Written by

Design at @Airtasker, leading the product design & brand design teams.

The Airtasker Tribe

We come from different places, distinct cultures and a nexus of crazy and complex people, but under one unified battle cry we forge forward as tribe Airtasker!

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