I found a pony in Apple’s iBoot source code

The source code for Apple’s bootloader was recently leaked on GitHub. Look what I found in it.

The code has since been removed from GitHub due to a DMCA complaint. iBoot is key component which ensures the devices turn on securely.

Curiously browsing through the code to admire Apple’s engineering I stumbled upon something peculiar.

In the directory ~/apps/EmbeddedIOP/ is a main.c file. Inside this is a huge character array of hexademical ASCII values. One of the first lines in the main function prints this array on the screen. Feeling curious to know what the result would be, I wrote a small program to print the array.

Here’s the result. Ta da! It’s a pony.
Apple’s Pony

In case you haven’t read about the leak, here’s a link.

That’s all folks!
Disclaimer: This post was written with good intentions. If you are from Apple and would like me to remove it, please let me know. Thank you.