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4 min readAug 5, 2021


Keili Major (MajorArt) is an artist specialized in physical art pieces and has prior experience in the world of NFTs. She actually has previously mixed the world of physical and digital by providing NFT buyers with the real life versions of her digital NFT counterparts.

Check out all of her work and projects via her LinkTree portfolio

Keili recently took the time to share with us her background as an artist and her thoughts about art and the evolution of NFTs!

Can you give a little introduction about yourself?

My name is Keili Major and I am an Estonian born artist. I mostly paint with my fingers and work predominantly in the impressionist tradition. I also work in realism, abstract and digital art. Mostly I draw from my imagination, visions and dreams. As a child I always loved drawing and painting. In 2015 I found myself a mentor with whom I spent the two following years - 2015 and 2016 - teaching me art. These years gave me the foundational understanding I needed, after which I continued to pursue artistic skills of my own. My breakthrough took place in 2018 when I discovered finger painting. At this point, my paintings became more colorful, more impressionistic.

Why were you attracted to the project Aisthisi?

I was simply curious of the project. It seemed something uncommon and I wanted to participate in it. I like trying, experimenting or participating in new things. It is a great challenge for me as an artist.

Tell me about your strengths and/or focus as an artist?

My strength as an artist is my basic knowledge of painting. I have had a very good teacher who made me understand the power of light and shadow, the gray scale, perspective, color study. I believe no matter which art form you do, as long as you know the basics then anything can be good. There are a few pieces of artwork which are painted from my subconscious mind and they are deep. I am really proud of them. I don´t have anything particular in my mind I deeply need to paint now except this project! Because I always paint when the ideas are coming. Otherwise I won’t be at peace until those paintings have got out from my system and onto the canvas.

Can you describe your day to day as an artist?

My day to day as an artist is like the American Mountains. One day I can feel I want to paint so badly, and it will continue for a few days. Then some days later I don’t want anything to do with painting. During those days when I don’t feel painting yet I have ongoing project I try to paint for at least couple of hours a day. So there will be a process in a work.

Can you tell us your story of how you got into crypto and NFTs?

My knowledge of NFT art comes from my partner. He has been into crypto for some years now, where he found an NFT. He showed me this NFT and I was pretty mind blown 🤯 that something like this could exist. It felt like an “oasis in a desert” to me.

Do you have thoughts on the future for NFTs and crypto in general?

I think that lots of artists are going to move into the crypto world, because it’s like a new age “art gallery”. Where you can “hang” your art and find potential collectors and get commissioned by possible clients. Because it is a much faster process, it will be much more convenient for artists. No time spent on getting paintings ready to be hanged or time spent on delivery or even collection after the exhibition.

What are you considering to do as your NFT art piece? Can you give us a sneak peek into the work you are planning?

I got my idea pretty fast for what I want to do. It is little related to ancient Greek art. Won’t be telling more until it is unveiled 🙂

We will continue to share more about the collaborating artists and overall project progress, so join our community to catch the latest info!