Why smart is not equal to rich

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3 min readAug 20, 2022


Rich means smart! Most people see this pattern in life. However, wealth is not always an indicator of intelligence development, although a smart person should not be poor. A person becomes rich in different ways, for someone it is luck or a well-developed applied competence. For example, an outstanding athlete may not necessarily be in demand in other fields of activity.

Smart quickly learns new things, retrain and always be in demand as a specialist. In our rapidly changing age, it is more important to be smart than just rich. Becoming smart is much harder, and it’s even harder to stay smart forever. Below you can read Julia Samokhina’s post, where she told why she believes that smart and rich are not the same thing.


One of the questions people ask is: “If you are so smart, then why don’t you live in villas in Spain?”. The point on the map and real estate may change, but the essence of the question remains the same — why is a smart person not equally rich?

To begin with, it is necessary to reveal the concept of “smart” from our point of view. An intelligent person can quickly learn new things in any field. It does not matter in what field he is working now: at any moment this person can master new knowledge, switch to another field and achieve success in it. Success is the creation of a system that takes into account the needs of stakeholders.

In addition, there are professionals. A professional is someone who has applied skills in one field of activity. A professional can be a computer program that plays chess, but it is by no means smart. Why? Because he can’t learn to swim, run a company, or build rockets. And a smart person can do it all.

People working in science may be professionals in some particular field (the study of squid, molecular physics, Old English literature). But “researcher” is not equal to “smart”, and this applies to any professional. It’s not a fact that a great runner or chess player, a successful entrepreneur or engineer will be smart. They are definitely professionals in their field, but intelligence is tested in a different way. Will they be able to learn new things quickly in areas far from them?

To earn money and become rich, sometimes it’s enough to be just a professional. Although not every professional is rich. Wealth is a matter of chance. A smart person should not be poor. But besides money, he has other interests in life that require investing time. Being rich, but missing out on a child growing up, is not the best option.

You need to be smart, in the concept that we put into this word: to be flexible, have a developed intellect and fundamental knowledge, clearly navigate what is happening in the world and be able to react quickly to changes. Intelligence and intelligence depend on the fundamental universal knowledge that is used to create different systems. From a child ready for adulthood to a spaceship.

At Aisystant, we teach exactly this — universal knowledge that is applicable in all spheres of activity. Therefore, we say with full confidence that we are making people smarter. But they will become professionals already in the specific fields of activity they have chosen. If they need to master a new specialty or solve new problems, then the intelligence that they have developed thanks to fundamental knowledge will come in handy.