How to Setup an Outstanding Brand Identity

Building a new brand can often be difficult, but every venture needs to takes the effort to develop a strong brand identity to be successful.

We just create our brand Tuscanery. Maybe you’d like to create one for your own startup, perharphs you’re still considering the possibility. So how to set up a noticeable brand? Here’s how we did it, step by step.

Taking the first step is always the most difficult step you’ll ever take



irst of all, attention must be paid to the concept. Before you begin to work on brand identity, make sure you have a clear idea about the nature of your project and what you want to achieve.

Before you even start thinking about your logo, consider the following questions: What business model we want pursue? What are our values?

In that case, our idea was to develop a Subscription Commerce Service (on the internet) which primary aim is to promote artisan food and specialties originated from small local producers.

This phase includes, of course, market and competitor analysis: Who is the target? Where are we going to use the brand most (websites, print, social networks)? Who are the competitors? etc.

Branding Is About Feelings And Imagination



Every strong brand stands for something, a set of values that consist in the brand essence. The brand must have a peculiar attribute that has to be unique and it must deliver a promise.

One word to define the brand is ideal, at least two, more is a sign of weakness, the brand must have a focus _it’s essence_ .

Furthermore, we identified as a “a brand-new gastronomic journey that starts from your home”, so the promise here is clear: bringing the most authentic Aitarey culinary tradition to your table.

Branding Is About You And Your Story



Now you have to create a visual identity, which consists of the logotype and lettering, colors, images and other graphic elements.

All of the brand fundamentals should follow a unique visual style, to ensure brand consistency. If you choose to adopt a classical design, all the elements of your brand must correspond to it.

These visual assets must thightly identify the brand, that means consumers should recognised the brand in a quick glance.

In pursuing this goal, our way to create an effective visual brand identity for Tuscanery was to recall metaphorically the idea of handcrafted, artisan good old fashioned design even if the process was created digitally.

Branding Is About Making An Impact

We created this short review to give you a deeply personal look at what it feels like to start from scratch in the design and consequent implementation of your brand identity. We’d love to hear about your own experiences. Share them with us!

If you want to discover more about us and our project please follow the link below: Aitarey

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