I’m releasing Archbee Beta

180 hours of cumulated product design, software development, web scraping, head scratching, instrumental jazzy hip hop listening on SoundCloud resulted in Archbee.

If you create software architecture diagrams, Archbee is a focused/minimalistic tool meant to help you build very beautiful diagrams in no time.

“But Dragos, why the hell do we need another diagramming tool? Isn’t Gliffy, LucidChart, Draw.io and brothers enough for us?” you might ask.

I created Archbee out of a personal need. We live in the era of micro-services. Most software systems nowadays feature integrations of many technologies, libraries, SaaS, API’s, and companies. Every time I was making diagrams for the software I was working on in the enterprise world, they would result in either ugly boxes with text in it, or countless hours of searching and downloading tech logos from the internet and adding them to the diagrams to make them look pretty.

Archbee features:

  • Over 250.000 components ready at your fingertips to drop in your diagramming boards. If you’ve heard of it, it’s very likely already in Archbee’s database. If it’s not there, you can add it easily and nobody will ever have to do it again;
  • Secure cloud storage for your diagrams so you never have to carry files again;
  • You can publish your diagrams so the whole world can see them; Take a look at Archbee’s architecture diagrammed in Archbee :)
  • SOON — Customizable size boards;
  • SOON — You will easily share diagrams with your team mates;
  • SOON — Archbee will be able to generate Docker Compose and Kubernetes config files;
  • SOON — Archbee diagrams will be web-embeddable so recruiters can make diagrams and post them on their favorite network. No more ugly bullet-point technology requirement listing.

After Beta ends, I will also throw a release party in Bucharest 🎉. If you are a friend, you’ll probably be invited. If you are not, and still want to party, shoot me a message on any social medium.

Archbee is the first product made under AiurLabs. I am cooking up more! Chances are if you’re involved with software development, my products will help you have a more enjoyable experience.

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