Le musée des tapisseries

By Céleste

This afternoon, we went to the Musée des tapisseries, or Museum of Tapestries. This museum is located in the Place des martyrs de la résistance, dedicated to those who died in WWII.

The museum is notable for having a series from the life of Don Quixote, or as the French call him, Don Quichotte. I thought this was amusing. The museum is located in the old palace of the archbishop of Aix, so it had some interesting architecture, including a beautiful corner staircase, and some very old furniture. The museum itself is quite small; it took us about 30 minutes to get through, all told. There were 5–6 rooms of tapestries altogether, and the tour is self-guided. It cost 3.50 euros. Vincent and I enjoyed it; Gaston was unimpressed. His review was, “good rugs.”

Here are some photos I sneakily took (oops you aren’t supposed to take photos. Don’t worry, I didn’t use flash).

A very chill dog.
Don Quixote, I’m not sure what mischief he’s up to here.
Don Quixote, messing with people the only way he knows how.