Le Petit Palais (Paris)

by Céleste

During the time we were in Paris, entrance to the Petit Palais happened to be free. So of course we took advantage of that and went. It houses paintings, sculptures, etc. You know the drill. It also has a beautiful garden in the center, and very pretty architecture, both inside and out. Petit Palais means “little palace.” The Grand Palais (Big Palace, naturally) is across the street. We considered going to the Grand Palais, to see the Hokusai exhibit, but it was around 11 euros, and well…the Petit Palais was free, after all. And it was very beautiful itself, of course.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Not a lot of people take pictures of the floor. Vincent and I love a good floor, so we make sure to take pictures of them. (Top set of photos, bottom left).

Here are some photos of the garden.

This is my first trip to France in the winter, and despite the cold (very mild compared to the upper midwest), I’m really loving the atmosphere and the sort of darker colors. The sky was gorgeous the whole time we were in Paris, even when it was cloudy.

Finally, a few more from inside the Palais.

A ceiling, some old clocks and watches, and a chill-as-heck dude.

This was my first time at the Petit Palais, and I really enjoyed it! Gaston doesn’t like art, and Vincent prefers outside sights, like gardens. So Gaston sat on a bench, Vincent hung out in the garden, and I took in the art. Really, it was perfect for all of us.