Summer in Provence is indeed very pretty

Transformation of Aix

Since traveling to London we’ve definitely noticed Aix has become much more lively — tourists are all around and we are not the only English speakers now.

Here is the Rotonde fountain in all its summer glory:

Winter in Provence was quiet and tranquil — summers are the opposite. We visited the mountain, to bid it farewell since we are leaving soon. We took the picture above as part of our vineyard walk.

We’ve been hearing live music outside our apartment at night since performers will come to entertain the dinner crowd. There are only two performers we’ve heard: a group of guys playing drums and one guy who can play Spanish guitar while singing. It’s usually the same each time but we open the windows anyway to hear.

Walking around we definitely hear more English from American students, tourists, and other nationalities. The markets are bustling, people are going to the beach, and there are more people out than ever. Provence is waking up from its sleepy winter.