Used Books and Love Locks on the Seine

by Céleste

We passed those lovable bouqinistes selling used books in their little displays along the River Seine. You should read the linked wiki article, it’s pretty interesting. Apparently there have been used book sellers there since the 1500s. They’re definitely fun to browse as you walk along, maybe going to Notre Dame or the Conciergerie.

We also passed the Love Locks on the Pont des Arts.

You’ve probably heard of this very recent “tradition” of writing your name and the name of your loved one, attaching it to the bridge, and throwing the key in the Seine as a gesture of your undying/everlasting love. It’s been happening only since 2008, but has caused a lot of grief and commotion, due to the immense weight of the locks possibly causing damage to the bridge. Vincent and I put our lock on in 2008 (I know, we are bad people). There was no hope to find it again, however. It did seem very romantic at the time, aesthetics be damned.

Apparently a French student has been documenting each lock and putting them online, to preserve them (the city of Paris periodically cuts them off, or replaces panels on the bridge. So much for forever, huh?) I’ll have to take a look and see if I can find our lock

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