Survival guide for the young and broke

The economy has seen better days. Unemployment is high and student debt is likely following you to the grave. So what exactly do you have to do to keep the hustle alive?

Rent your car out

…while renting your apartment out…while renting your dog out. Meanwhile, Couchsurf until you’ve made enough for rent.

Tinder for furniture

…or Tinder for cheeseburgers.

Eat lunch at your friend’s startup

Bring tupperware to grab extra for dinner.

Share all Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime accounts

Keep a running list of ex-lovers’ account passwords too.

Marry your roommate

Bask in the glory of shared healthcare and tax benefits.

Become a ganjapreneur

…if it’s legal in your state. The industry is lucrative and flooded with CA$H. Get in while it’s early.

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