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Korean Game Trends in Global Markets in 2020

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To say that online gaming is popular in South Korea would be an absolute understatement. In a country where high speed internet access is the norm and free Wi-Fi is readily available in many public places, online gaming has naturally found its way into the Korean society and grown into a multi-million dollar industry.

Among some of the most popular mobile games played in South Korea in 2020 is Lineage 2M, Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena. Games vary from Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to Sports and Shooting.

Most notably within the past 5 years, Korean games have experienced a sharp increase in demand from overseas markets. All over the world, people are playing more Korean games than ever, further fueled by the increased time at home during the COVID19 pandemic.

This article explores the trends of Korean game usage in 16 countries of five geographical areas: Greater China (People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong), Asia (Japan and Australia), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia), North America (US and Canada) and Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Russia).

500 individuals were surveyed from each country at a 55:45 ratio of male to female. 62% of those surveyed were of age 30 or under and 38% of those surveyed were of age 40 or over. Data has been separated for Korean PC/online games and mobile games.

1. Frequency Use of Korean Games

The percentage of those who responded “yes” to the question “Do you play Korean games almost every day?” was highest in the US for PC/online games and highest in Malaysia for mobile games.

Data from KOCCA, Chart Made by | www.ajmarketing.io

2. Preferences of Game Category

When asked about the top favorite category of Korean PC/online game, 13 out of 16 countries responded with Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).

Data from KOCCA, Table Made by | www.ajmarketing.io

The second top choice is varied. Among some of the popular choices are shooting, sports, racing and roleplaying games (RPG).

The survey results were different for Korean mobile games, however. The number one preferred game category choice was RPG for nine countries: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, US, Canada, Italy and Spain.

Data from KOCCA, Table Made by | www.ajmarketing.io

Sports game category was chosen as the preferred number one choice for Germany, France and Malaysia.

3. COVID19 and Korean Games

Following the COVID19 outbreak, the time spent playing Korean games (PC/online and mobile) increased dramatically. Indonesia saw the highest increase in percentage: 83.9% increase for Korean PC/online games and 78.5% increase for Korean mobiles games.

Data from KOCCA, Chart Made by | www.ajmarketing.io

In direct correlation to increased use of games, the spending on game costs increased dramatically for all countries as well. For Korean PC/online games, Hong Kong saw the highest increase by 75.6% and for mobile games, Indonesia had the highest increase by 73.5%.

Data from KOCCA, Chart Made by | www.ajmarketing.io

4. Average monthly spending of Gamers

Data from KOCCA, Chart Made by | www.ajmarketing.io

The top 10 countries who spent the most money on Korean games are shown in the chart above. The leading countries are Australia, China, US, and Hong Kong. In Australia, users averagely spends $57.52 on Korean games per month.


There are many lessons to take away from observing the users of Korean games. It’s safe to say that Korean games will continue to be successful both domestically and internationally. Likewise, developers of Korean games will continue to cater to its users overseas by ensuring their games have an English version and making improvements to make servers operate quickly even outside of South Korea.

China, Australia and the US are surely three of many countries that need to be focused on by any gaming company, as they play the most Korean games and even spend the most on Korean games.

If you would like to try Korean games by yourself we highly recommend to start from the most popular games:

  • For PC/online — Battleground
  • For mobile — the top games were KartRider Rush+, Marvel Contest of Champions and BattleGroundM.

If you’d like to know more about Korea’s market trends, visit the AJ Marketing Blog.

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