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Top 11 Korean Gaming YouTubers in 2022

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The gaming industry is massive in South Korea. In 2020, the game market had an estimated value of $12.8 billion, which accounts for various industries like e-sports, game consoles and gaming companies.

Gaming is commonly seen as a hobby for many, yet for some it is a professional career. Professional level players even join e-sports teams and compete in annual tournaments. “Faker,” one of Korea’s most famous gamers, broke records when he was proclaimed as the first professional E-Sports player to make over $1 million.

The majority of Koreans, however, play for fun and spend a few hours a week in general either playing the games themselves or watching others play. In a national survey of Koreans aged 10–65 conducted at the end of 2020, 70.5% of respondents said that they played games of some sort. (PC, mobile, console or arcade).

Because gaming has become a spectator “sport,” many people have started to enjoy watching people play games, especially on YouTube. Why? For the same reason that someone would watch a football game or read a novel!

Viewers may also feel that they are part of the community when they stream live games and they are able to connect with fellow gamers. Others watch to improve and learn new skills themselves. In fact, 74% of YouTube gamers say they go to YouTube to learn how to get better at a game.

Whatever the reason, there is always an entertaining factor to watching someone play games. We’ve provided a list of the top 11 Korean Gaming channels on YouTube. These creators play a variety of games and offer valuable insight to learning technical skills, secret codes and new information. Check them out below!

#11. Daddy King (아빠킹)

Channel: Daddy King
Subscribers: 279,000
Games: Tekken, The King of Fighters

Daddy King (a combination of Daddy and ‘King,’ a Tekken character) uploads one death match video every Tuesday and regular fights on other days. Daddy King tends to focus on the game rather than chatting. For this reason, his live streams do not contain as much dialogue as other gamers. Dedicated fans watch Daddy King for valuable Tekken pro gaming skills and abilities.

#10. Today on the Korean Server

Channel: Today on the Korean Server
Subscribers: 477,000
Games: League of Legends

This channel is catered to English speakers and uploads videos for global viewers to experience the best (and worst) of League of Legends Pro Players in Korea. The best part about this channel is the English subtitles play-by-play! Watch top pro-teams like T1, Gen G and Damwon Kia and learn about how to utilize teamwork in LOL.

#9. HELLO (헬로)

Channel: Hello
Subscribers: 836,000
Games: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Hello is only 17 years old but he is making a name for himself in the PUBG game community. What makes his videos so entertaining to watch are the memes and captions that appear during play. His “PUBG MOBILE FUNNY WTF & EPIC MOMENTS” garners millions of views each video. If you’re a PUBG player and looking to get some laughs, this channel has got you covered.

#8. Ulsan Big Whale (울산큰고래 박성주)

Channel: Ulsan Big Whale
Subscribers: 844,000
Games: FIFA Online, GTA, League of Legends

Ulsan Big Whale sticks to playing mostly FIFA Online these days, although he will post GTA content every now and then. His most viewed videos are him commentating games, explaining specific moves of the players and offering insight to players looking to improve their skills.

#7. GIRI TV (기리TV)

Channel: GIRI TV
Subscribers: 1,080,000
Games: Pokémon series, Roblox, Legend of Zelda

GIRI TV is an excellent explainer of his tactics when playing games. Viewers love him for his detailed play-by-play for the Pokémon game series which includes Pokémon Quest, Pokémon Let’s GO, and Pokémon Sword & Shield. Unlike many gamers, GIRI TV refrains from swearing and instead uses his signature phrases when playing games.

#6. TesterHoon (테스터훈)

Channel: TesterHoon
Subscribers: 1,260,000
Games: Minecraft

Have you checked out our article about the Top 17 YouTubers in Korea? You’ll notice that Tasty Hoon is in fact the same person as Tester Hoon, a game YouTuber. Praised for his consistent uploads and mild-mannered personality, millions of fans watch Tester Hoon play League of Legends both for fun and as an educating experience.

#5. Woowakgood’s Game Broadcast (우왁굳의 게임방송)

Channel: Woowakgood’s Game Broadcast
Subscribers: 1,450,000
Games: VR games, MMORPG

Woowakgood is one of the “OG” Internet gamers who has been broadcasting on the Internet since 2008. He gained tremendous popularity with GTA 4 at that time, but he has developed into a diverse and experienced player who has changed his focus to VR games. Don’t be surprised to hear a few swear words in between his plays!

#4. TaeKyung TV (태경 TV)

Channel: TaeKyung TV
Subscribers: 1,520,000
Games: Minecraft, Roblox, Among Us

TaeKyung TV and friends upload videos of them playing a variety of games while incorporating funny voices, impersonations, and sound effects to make the viewing experience all the more entertaining. TaeKyung TV mostly plays Minecraft with his girlfriend, PrettyHerb and frequently review story situational plays or battles together.

#3. T1 Faker

Channel: T1 Faker
Subscribers: 1,670,000
Game: League of Legends

This channel is the official YouTube page of Faker, Korea’s (and perhaps the world’s) best League of Legends professional player. It is not an understatement to say that Faker has celebrity status. T1 is the team that Faker is currently associated with and this channel is dedicated to explaining his skills and plays! Occasionally, a video is uploaded to show a more personal side of Faker through blogs.

#2. SleepGround TV (잠뜰 TV)

Channel: SleepGround
Subscribers: 2,040,000
Games: Minecraft

SleepGround TV is a female game broadcaster and one of the eight members of “Dotty and Friends,” a collective group of YouTube gamers. She uploads videos of her and friends playing Minecraft in an interactive and social format, providing her viewers with an entertaining way to engage without actually playing the games themselves.

#1. GAMST(감스트)

Channel: GAMST
Subscribers: 2,180,000
Games: League of Legends, FIFA

GAMST is one of the most influential BJ’s (Broadcasting Jockey) and YouTube gamers in South Korea. His introspective and eloquent comments on games have attracted millions of fans, even celebrities, to tune into his channel. Watch his videos to see his unique style of explaining and detailing LOL games.


Whether you play games yourself or not, this article should help you get a glimpse of the lucrative gaming industry in South Korea. Many of these gamers are everyday people, simply uploading what they do in their free time, yet millions of people always tune in to watch their videos.

For some, it is about feeling like they are part of a community. For others, it is to get better at playing the games themselves. Whatever the reason, this is an industry that shows growth almost every year. For brands, not just those in the tech industry, who are looking to expand into the Korean market, marketing through the Korean gaming industry should be considered.

If you are curious to learn more about the market trends in Korea, check the AJ Marketing Blog!

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