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Akachain: Making Enterprise Blockchain Accessible to Businesses

Blockchain has gained much popularity among several parties covering those in business spheres, health care, government institutions and agencies, etc.

The new face of Blockchain for Enterprises

The blockchain technology though not yet maximized to its fullest potentials has been seen to be a global disruptor courtesy of what it is currently doing in the finance industry. The application of this technology has become almost the go-to strategy to adopt in curbing inefficiencies and wastages in businesses, immutably securing data in a trustless manner, safeguarding the privacy of data and information while also bringing about peer to peer transactions which successfully cuts off huge costs of third parties

While the public blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more recently EOS have gained prominence by capturing the attention of stakeholders in the tech industry, private or permissioned blockchain networks such as HyperLedger Fabric, Azure by Microsoft and of course our very own Akachain are equally becoming credible alternatives to the irks and stiffness public blockchain networks especially in the areas that border around specific enterprise needs.

Enterprise Blockchains are tailor-made blockchain networks designed for Enterprise’ use providing specific functionalities separate from public blockchain networks. Leveraging blockchain in enterprises operations has been estimated by a report co-authored by Santander that Blockchain could reduce banks infrastructure cost alone up to $20 billion yearly. Considering the value of privacy of firms to their operation and the need to be trustworthy to its clients/users, the enterprise blockchain network presents an unprecedented advantage to enterprises seeking to innovate and remain on top of the game in their various niches or industries.

Akachain an end to end permissioned multi-chain network based on the Fabric, having both a main chain and subordinate private chains which are linked together by the Privacy Preserved Bridge Protocol (PPBP) which stores private data cryptographically to ensure transparency and security with core focus on empowering business innovations by creating a fair and objective network environment having identified the factors necessary for the smooth migration of enterprises unto the blockchain network has created a unique product thus facilitating the smooth transition of Enterprises in the journey of adoption.

Akachain stands out among several of its peers in its industry in its reach of customers and partners spanning across 4 continents and still counting, dedicated team of experts continually enriching the Akachain ecosystem, tailored business services in the form of Blockchain as a service which helps users of its technology to easily and seamlessly implement blockchain techniques into their various business extremely cutting away the accompanying hassles for those who are not technically proficient in this nascent technology.

How does Akachain Makes Blockchain Accessible to Enterprise Users?


One of the plaguing enterprise adoptions of Blockchain Technology is scalability. It’s noteworthy that the first smart contract enabled blockchain was brought to its knees by a Crypto Game. The ability for a firm to be able to migrate and execute its business wide operations on a new technology involves a huge risk which public blockchain platform has not been able to present viable solutions to. Akachain is capable of achieving a high throughput of up to 2000 transaction per second thus allowing enterprise adoption of the fascinating cost savings and efficiency increasing capabilities of the blockchain technology.

Governance and Authority Over Whole Chain Operations

Governance (each enterprise holds full control over its chain unlike public chains) Akachain is an enterprise blockchain provider to businesses and as such understood the requirement of Enterprises in regards to their blockchain needs. It’s imperative that an organization holds absolute power over their database else it is not theirs, to begin with. The Blockchain allows the storage of data on an immutable ledger as well as automation of operations through smart contracts. By ensuring in its inherent design that Enterprises are able to control their operations and hold sway over their data through its multichain design giving each enterprise their own private chain (private blockchain), Akachain ensures that businesses hold full control over their operations through its governance tools which helps enterprises to set up agreements, assign roles, provide authorization etc. Akachain grants each enterprise the authority over their own chain.

Want of Development Tools

Understanding that an instant migration from legacy systems to blockchain is not feasible and as such, it requires time, dedication and patience to fully move operations unto a blockchain platform, hence, Akachain provides unique tools to aid this migration thus allowing even more enterprises to maximize the full potentials of technology. Basically, Akachain fits in perfectly as a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform bridging a huge gap between the enterprises face when adopting the blockchain technology to suit their specific organizational needs. Akachain provides applications acting as middleware that firms can leverage on to utilize on their Proof of Concept in various industries. Akachain through consultancy services also helps accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. This is even more intensified with its 24/7 hours support which it provides firms in performance monitoring, upgrade and security enhancement.

The Blockchain technology is new and its use cases and capabilities are without question yet fully mapped and thus, it’s an exciting discovery to explore and exploit its abilities towards making business and lives easier and smarter. It’s a new age for Enterprises. Akachain welcomes you.

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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises