Yes, I am obsessed with JavaScript

And why Not


JavaScript, A language so flexible that it is touching all the platforms where you can code. Started with web frontend, then made its mark in backend with nodejs and also got way better at frontend with angular and react. Then got into android and IOS using react native . And further into IOT devices. In fact a lot part of MongoDB was written in JS.

Why so flaunting?

So the question here is what is that particular entity or block in a programming language that actually does something? A “function”. Right?
And JS is a language that empowers functions so much that you can do a lot more with them than any other language.
You want a class? Make it out of a function
You want overloading? Overriding? You can do within the function
You want type check? Well do that in functions too.

People’s complaints

Generally people complaint about JS being not mature enough.
Dude! Have you seen the performance? with V8 engine. The performance has grown by 100x to what that was in early days of JS
Then they complaint about JS not being strongly typed. But that’s the beauty my friend. That is what makes it so flexible to use.

A programming language is like a tool. The flexible the better.

JS will make sure it excites you

So, It hasn’t been too long that I have been working on JS, Its been just 3–4 years. And In my opinion, JS is a language which will make sure it excites you at every new phase of JS learning and working. 
I few days back, I was at a stage of having good enough confidence with JS, I found out this github repo: WTF JS, trending and I was just stunned like I am the Jon Snow. BTW initials of Jon Snow is also JS ;)

I know nothing

Just don’t loose confidence in you. Its just the nature of JS ;) 
Just get going. Its a wonderful thing to work with.


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