You’re Already Complete

The emptiness inside holds everything that you want

Ena Dahl
Ena Dahl
Oct 23 · 2 min read

Everything you’re looking for is, in essence, already right there—even if you can’t see it, yet. What I mean by that is, that instead of needing to add anything external in order to become whole, it’s necessary to let go, in order to reach the essence — the essential.

You’re already a Buddha

I came across a forum discussing the idea that “you are already enlightened, you are already pure — in essence, you are already a Buddha, the problem lies in the mistaken notion that you aren’t”. One of the commenters, clearly opposing the notion, responded:

The sculpture already lives inside the stone

Artist and sculptor Michelangelo believed that “the sculpture lived inside the block of stone or marble — already complete, already whole, already perfect”. His job as an artist was simply to use his hammer and chisel to chip away the outer rock to reveal the magnificent sculpture within.

Your home is already decluttered

I read an article about tidying, that pointed out that “your home is already decluttered”, and went onto say that under all the mess and clutter is that clear open space that you first moved into — those wide, unspoiled surfaces full of potential.

Whether we leave a room clean, or cluttered and messy, it won’t affect its natural spaciousness. Mind is also intrinsically spacious.

Yet, our homes — as well as our minds — are often filled with stuff that obstructs and distract us. We hold onto things we no longer use, just as we hold onto thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that no longer serve us.

Saying you’re already complete is not an invitation to become idle. Quite the contrary, it’s an encouragement to practice and work even harder — to pick up that hammer and chisel and start chipping away at everything that stands in the way of revealing the already perfect sculpture within.

You don’t need to add a thing. All you need is to let go.
The emptiness inside holds everything that you want.
You’re already complete.

Akasa Essensuals

A publication about making space

Ena Dahl

Written by

Ena Dahl

Sensualist, storyteller, artist, muse | Space alchemist & transmuter of trauma through self-expression | Topics: sex and/or healing, pleasure, pain & poetry

Akasa Essensuals

A publication about making space

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