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Akash Chandan

My Story:

During my bachelor of engineering in information science @PESIT, I fell in love with the intricacy of data, algorithms, networks and operating systems.

Realizing the need for user-centered design, I went on to the National Institute of Design to study human-computer interaction design with technology via user research, Interactive Technology, Cognitive Psychology, and Data Visualization.

After working for 2 years in Healthcare, IoT & Personal Finance,

I was part of Urban Fellowship at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements.

Exploring design thinking for real-world problem solving via urban planning, Sustainability, Inequality, Economy, Governance & Infrastructure.

He’s been an Urban Fellow at the Indian Institute of human settlements, exploring the technology’s impact on the urban issues of employment.

The Qualitative research project Tempos, Trucks & Tech involved understanding work-life stories of intra-city logistics drivers and the domain.

My work focuses on understanding the existence of informality in the Indian digital platform economy & e-commerce hence designing experiences around its ecosystem.

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Digital Experience Researcher & Designer. Churning information into knowledge. More > www.akashchandan.com