Important security information for AKM Global contributors

Recently there have been too many security issues happening during ICOs. To prevent any of them happening during AKM Global ICO here is a short guide for a contributor to follow:

1. ALways ensure that the URL of your web browser indicates that it is using a hypertext transport protocol secure connection (“https”) and that the domain name is correct

2. If the website is not working at the time you are entering it, never follow any external links. Wait until the website work is restored completely.

AKM distribution is offered only through the website. No third-party website or a different provider is not allowed and has not been in any way supported, engaged, authorized or endorsed by AKM Global and have no relationship in any way with AKM Global. The only official and authorised website and AKM token distribution provider is the website.

If you have any question or you notice something strange happening on the website, please write to support team at Be safe & secure.

AKM Global Team