Amplify, A Content And Media Fellowship For Africa

aKoma is making a call for applications for Amplify, a paid Fellowship program for talented African storytellers and creators. Amplify is a partnership between aKoma and MasterCard Foundation, who have been awesome in working with us to make this happen.

This is a really great time to be a content creator, storyteller or fan of content in Africa. And aKoma is all about all of it. aKoma has a simple and clear mission: to make Africa come alive. When Zain and I crafted our product and business strategy, we knew we wanted to do this by fostering a vibrant community and operating a storytelling platform where a combination of user generated and original content about Africa and its diaspora are created, published and shared with the world.

aKoma is built with a fundamental question — who do we want our members and creators to be? The aKoma team recognizes and empathizes with the aspirations and constraints of the African narrative and story, looking to secure its place on the global stage. aKoma aims to transform the lives, the jobs, the habits of our members and creators, enabling them to coalesce and commune around the stories and conversations that they have on our platform. We envision our members as world-class content creators and storytellers, and Amplify will enable our Fellows to reach that goal.

So, we are excited to be partnering with MasterCard Foundation on the inaugural session of Amplify, a six-month paid Fellowship program where twenty five Fellows from the continent are selected to receive training, projects and mentoring in content creation and media.

You can read the entire story and apply for Amplify here at aKoma

Chidi is the co.founder of aKoma, a content and storytelling platform for Africa.