Don’t Just be Concerned With Your Career, Shake Up Your Whole Field!

By John-Lewis Onkendi

2016 has begun with so much aplomb already! Some of us have hardly had time to pause and look at our life as a whole, shuttling from pre-festive preparations, holidays and before you know it, January is upon us.. Happy New Year by the way!

Well, we all have made resolutions haven’t we? Ok, ok, I know some of us actually scoff at the idea anyways. It’s overrated you say, what you resolve in January can be resolved on any given Sunday in July, yes? Could be. Could be not; and that is beside the point.

The point today is career. Success. Progress. You get the drift… One of my long-term clients at @BesttConsulting my Communications and PR consultancy recently called me up. “I need to take my career to the next level”, he started ( by the way, “Next level” is one phrase that has way out-lived its shelf-life if you ask me). “Next level?” I asked, almost incredulously. “Yes, yes. I mean I love what I do, but my career has to step up now”, he explained.

Aaah.. This is the point. My client wants to advance his career to the next level. That is good. Awesome even. But it is ordinary. I mean that is what the rest of humanity wants to do. Especially on any given January.

Why be ordinary?

Change the game…

There is a different approach to this. Instead of upgrading your single career, change the whole industry. No. Strike that. Actually turn it upside down. Think about Legacy. Longevity.

Now you are really changing the game!

PS: That’s what I’m going to tell my client next week. In a way he will understand of course.. Oh and be sure to follow @BesttConsulting on twitter to hear what his response was. :)

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