I am The Storm

Screw Fate

The Storm
“Fate whispers to the warrior, “You can not withstand the storm.” The warrior whispers back, “I am the storm”.

I am a statistical anomaly. I should be living in a hut at Udo right now, if not for my ancestor — “Egiewan, Iyase n’Udo”. He fought wars and took his entire household into battle. He took fire with them literally and figuratively then became a legend. Together with other Edo Royalty, they bucked a trend to build an empire. They fought everyone including the British. I exist today because of a long line of warriors. People who looked death in the eye every day and said — “Fuck Fate”

My grandfather left home as a child, he took nothing with him but fire inside him. He built and he raised a generation. He became our patriarch. Till he died at 98, he walked upright and unbowed. His dignity was his challenge to fate. A stiff middle finger.

My parents were barely kids when they met. They started a family and didn’t know what they were doing until they broke up 11 years after. Yes, I am the product of a broken home, but my parents were never broken. They both strived in their own way to improve on themselves so that they could be there for us. Late diplomas, Degree in the UK after 5 kids. They taught us the meaning of — “Fuck fate”.

An uncle only inherited 2 shirts from his father, who died when he was 8. He didn’t let those beginnings limit him. He built banks, bought banks and became very wealthy. He laughed at fate and did great. I learned from him that your beginnings do not determine your future. It is what you choose to do daily. Screw fate and focus.

One day in 2013 at Soldiers Field, Boston. I pondered as a typical black man, born at Ezoti, Benin City to two broke young people would. I pondered the statistical probabilities of someone else from my “hood” sitting in that same class? Learning with some of the best minds in the World, how to build and grow enterprises serving Billions.

I realized that day, that while I may be grateful for the privilege, the people I was with were not going to give me breaks because I had come far from the hood. They were probably even more ambitious and most of them were just getting started while I was getting weary from the journey. That day, I decided to give fate no chances. I decided to work 10 times harder. I had always believed there was nothing a mortal has achieved that I couldn’t also achieve. I decided to become immortal.

I have learned now not to listen to statistics. I have learned more importantly that predictions by mortals or demi-gods do not take human “will power” and “determination” into consideration.

The worst thing you can ever do to yourself is have limits because of statistics and predictions. I have always chosen to be the anomaly. The contrarian data point. I have always told fate to “go screw itself”.

The longer I live, the more I realize that nobody really gets wealthy “by accident”. Forces of poverty are stronger than luck or accident. You keep going against that force as an African. A lot of us succumb. Few survive.

The greatest Force for wealth creation and the source of all human power is “Will Power”.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire”. — @WomenOfHistory

The soul on fire burns through all obstacles.

I look at the masses in Africa whom the rest of the World see as helpless and I see “The Storm”. They are not just a market of “1 Billion” but “one Billion ambitions and aspirations”.

One billion people with History, a billion people who exist today not just because of luck but because someone in their lineage fought the odds to survive. They also struggle and fight to extend that lineage to the next generation.

Never underestimate the will power of the survivor or their progeny. They are the hurricane that will sweep the Earth. They are “The storm”.

Each day, I wake up and face my computer to create, to build, to disrupt status quo and defy statistics. I look at my reflection and whisper to myself — “I am the storm”. Screw fate.

“Life isn’t tied to Fate! Screw Fate! Everyone isn’t Fate’s bitches!” — Uzumaki Naruto
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