So Yeah, I failed Math

I don’t think I’ve ever failed this big before, I was always one of the guys who hated school but always managed to scrape by doing the minimum amount of work and I also consider myself a fairly smart person so a bit of arrogance was mixed in there as well.The other thing about this is if your calculations are a bit off you could be in a bit of a pinch, like I’m in right now.

So, usually when things like this happen, I can imagine 16 year old me going on a whole schpiel about how I was always depressed, my teachers weren’t good, the broken educational system I’m in is worse than those in other countries(which are also broken).But I’m not,

I made a mistake so I’m going to fix it.

Most of my family has been supportive, giving words of encouragement and I’m making plans on how to correct this issue, but there are a lot of people I know who’ve done worse and better than me who are freaking out because they feel they didn’t do well in the WASSCE or any other exam.

I know how it feels when everyone’s making fun of you, you just want to become invisible, you’re scared to talk to your friends ’cause you’re afraid they’ll make fun of you and other stuff.It’s OK to feel this way and a lot of people have their ways of coping, I prefer alone time, but a lot of people I know might turn to stuff like drugs, alcohol, running away and even suicide.

The problem here is that there’s this mindset that if you fail any of the WAEC exams, you’re not good enough and some people even feel the need to make you feel somehow inferior.Parents also make life a living hell for them, they’re even complaining when their ward is cutting bread, saying that they’re making noise.If you’re going through this, I have no idea how you feel or what you’re going through but don’t be stupid.

Yes you’ve failed and you’ll have to live with that, you won’t die because of this, your situation might be different from mine but learn to cope with it, and fix it you can but don’t do anything stupid,

Your life is way too valuable to be lost over something as insignificant as a piece of paper.

So keep on moving.

Lawrence Logoh,
Still moving,
September 13, 2016.

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