When She's both Found and Lost!

Pretty African Woman!

Then What?

She was all you dreamed about, night and day

Her sight, perfume, figure, voice set you on fire

You made out verses, melodies and odes to her

You lived for it, inched to it, plotted the affair

Then on one knee over the silhouette of the setting sun

You popped the question. She said, YES!

Your heart started racing.

Now What!?

You knew you wanted to travel the world
How was that to be, your nation and passport is pariah
Every border control officer gasps on your colours
You bear the drug, oil money or fraud email stain

Then you made citizenship, green card, the rights to a new nation

You started traveling, East, Middle-East and Far-East

America, Midwest, South, West Coast and Canada

Then Africa, West, East, Central, North and South you went

You did not miss Australia or the North Pole.

You’ve been to more countries than you can count.

Then What!?

Sustainable Nations of the World!

You could not read, learning was not for your ilk

Your community had no doctors, lawyers or accountants

So you hunkered down, and buried sweat and tears

Fate smiled your cabinet now overflows with learning laurels

Your principles drive populist idiosyncrasies

You challenge the luminaries, your hypothesis rev debates

You woke with a second-guess and question for yourself

Your theories seem like old truths in new garments

Wondering how these ideas could have made it this far.

How long before someone challenges your best theory

Now What!?

You were the star employee, the Golden Fleece maker

You built bridges and your natural networking charm flourished

Beyond limits, borderless, idea after idea, deal after deal

You hit every target and aced every company award

Year on year, you made sure your company broke the record

You are known on the stock exchange, by Forbes and on Wall Street

It was like a dream, who could have believed you are the whizz kid?

Quite a ride, then you stop to think …

Now What!?

You made a million dollars

And bought your house on the hill

That one with the picket fence and a long drive home

Lawns sleeker than golf courses nestling natural lakes

True steading where game range free by the Laguna

Everyone you know, thinks you are the king of the hill.

You probably are, the nagging question

Then What?

Death Collects the Souls of those whose time is done!

You lived well, long and celebrated

Your friends, family and associates bear no obvious ill feelings

It was always your way or the highway since you are the patriarch

You came, you saw, you conquered with panache

Now the whirlwind is gone, the dust settled, no one remembers

The buildings you built, those you won, the estates you raised,

The presidents and power brokers you courted, the fiery appeal

Now wane in shadows of your mistakes, not what you wanted

But you lie icy cold, clawed down by the grim reaper

Everyone exclaims. Now What!?
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