Haste makes waste.

We’ve decided to push the official release date of the Akroma masternode network back by 2 weeks — to 04/09/2018 (April 9th) to allow for additional design, testing and planning.

Beta Testing Details:

The beta testing program is going really well, we’ve collected a great deal of feedback and made adjustments that moved the platform forward in meaningful ways. We also took on development of new features and created a laundry list of new items that we want to add — that will be discussed by the team to create a new road-map the week after official release.


What this means for our testers and for Akroma:

  • There will be more releases to test
  • Rewards will stay the same drastically low 5% of DAILY
  • There will be downtime for dashboard
  • The beta will continue to be an “open beta”
  • You have a little more time to setup your nodes — and we will want more nodes coming online to test each release

While each piece of the Akroma platform is working as intended; we want the dashboard, the network and the infrastructure to have a level of polish that we don’t believe is there yet to call it “done”.