Akropreneurs podcast, Ep. 6

The Ballad of Angel Grace and Joe Scheibe, aka — Gypsy Grace & The Vintage Goat

Angel and Joe in their “cool junk” shop, Gypsy Grace and The Vintage Goat (Roger Riddle/The Devil Strip)

Long before she became a small business owner, Angel Grace and her toddler son found themselves almost entirely alone, barely scraping by. Joe Scheibe owned a collision repair business but he wasn’t satisfied, so bearing down on 40, he joined the military and headed off to boot camp.

That’s not even half of the story behind the path Angel and Joe took to entrepreneurship. We’re betting you’ve never heard another like it either. That makes sense because we haven’t met many folks like Angel and Joe, and there’s no place quite like their “cool junk” shop, Gypsy Grace and the Vintage Goat in an old building at 451 W. Market St., Akron, OH.

This podcast is recorded and produced by Roger Riddle as part of The Devil Strip’s reporting on small business ownership and entrepreneurship, which has been made possible with support from The Fund for Our Economic Future and the Burton D. Morgan Foundation.

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