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Akropolis April Update

Apr 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Backers, advisors, partnerships, whitepaper news and more!

Dear Akropolis community,

The Akropolis team is excited to provide you with some great news and results of our hard work!

  1. We are developing an industry-wide protocol for one of the largest and most technologically antiquated sectors in finance, which is one of the largest capital providers to the financial ecosystem — the pensions sector. We will be releasing a series of industry primers, explainers and detailed FAQ to accompany our technical whitepaper.
  2. Our work and vision for the pensions sector have received backing from one of the most influential global blockchain investment funds, Kenetic Capital. Kenetic Capital investments include such landmark project as Ethereum, OmiseGO, 0x, ICON, and many more. Amongst our backers are C-level professionals from several global pensions organisations. Industry support is a significant statement on the quality of the behind-the-scenes work being done.
  3. Importantly, we have been working on institutional partnerships with award-winning global organisations and are excited to be able to announce them soon.
  4. Our soft cap has been reached and exceeded through substantial pre-sales from strategic partners. Tier 1 has now been closed. Tier 2 private pre-sale is ongoing — please register your interest at
  5. Our core and advisory team have expanded to include key top-level blockchain research & development professionals and security specialists. We are delighted to announce the first of them, Bokky PooBah, who has joined us as a Blockchain Security Advisor. Bokky is a leading global blockchain security specialist and has been a quantitative software developer for over 20 years. He has worked with the Ethereum blockchain since the platform launched in 2015, and is excited by the ease at with which monetary value can be sent to, held and sent by smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. Just like the Akropolis team, Bokky is interested in finding solutions to a broken Pensions system. Bokky is a respected smart contract security auditor, having developed and audited smart contracts for over 20 companies, among them Status, Cindicator, Stox, and others. Bokky is currently editing “Mastering Ethereum” with Andreas M. Antonopolous and Gavin Wood.
  6. Our MVU has been successfully deployed on testnet this week! Stay tuned for the updates.

Our events schedule includes:

16 April: Dapp Dev Conference (Kiev) — currently here

26 April: United Nations Blockchain Conference (Geneva)

May 3–4: EdCon (Toronto)

May 14–16: Consensus (NYC)

May 11–12: Ethereal (NYC)

May 16–17: Token Summit (NYC)

The ever-growing Akropolis team appreciates the immense support we have received from the community! We are reviewing all the whitelist proof of care submissions manually and getting back to people individually. Please do make sure you subscribe to our newsletter on, join our Telegram group and follow our Twitter for updates!

Your Akropolis team


The Financial Protocol for the Informal Economy

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