Akropolis Community Update

May 31, 2019 · 3 min read

Dear Akropolis community,

Today, we want to share some of our plans for the Summer!

Akropolis Quest 3

We hope you are well-prepared and eager to start this new community journey: we’re announcing a new iteration of the Akropolis Quest!

Are you up for challenging your knowledge of the Finance, DeFi, DAOs, and Blockchain space? Would you like to show your friends that you indeed practice what you preach when you say “I’m in it for the tech”? Then this brainy adventure is for you.

The Quest will take you through various tasks, quizzes and riddles to find hidden words over the course of 6 rounds, while in between we will have flash challenges and content competitions with total prize pool up to 100,000$ worth of rewards. For this quest, we will be introducing a point-based system that is meant to prize the most acute minds of all and where every action will be counted.

The journey will begin in June, get ready to take part in one of the most awaited community experiences in the cryptosphere. We will be sharing more info about the quest process and prizes in the following weeks!

Token unlock and distribution

We are working on it. Please know that this is one of our top priorities. Final dates will be announced during the quest, as well as exciting announcements on technical progress, biz-dev, and marketing news.

Please stay tuned and patient — we are aware we are slightly delayed but it’s because we are making sure to look after the interests of our community as a whole.

With regards to the participants of previous quests — rewards will be distributed at the same time as the rewards from this upcoming one. Same goes to our ambassador campaign participants :)

Community building and marketing

As we are moving closer to our MVP release, we will be gearing up our marketing with a focus on Asia — Korea, China, and Vietnam. Our co-founder, Kate Kurbanova, is now in Korea with our Asian marketing and product partners working to build a stronger local community and strengthen relations in the region. Write to us via team@akropolis.io or in Telegram if you want to arrange a meeting with her.

Ana is in another part of the globe now — she is Toronto, preparing to speak and judge CryptoChicks hackathon alongside Vitalik Buterin, Vlad Zamfir, Ryan Zurrer from #Web3Foundation, Ben Goertzel from Singularity & more!

We will also share some sneak peeks from our development process in the coming days — stay tuned!


The Financial Protocol for the Informal Economy


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The Financial Protocol for the Informal Economy