Akropolis concludes first-ever Community Quest!

Aug 10, 2018 · 5 min read

And we thank everyone who participated!

We are stoked on the support that we received from the community, and wouldn’t be able to make Akropolis Community Quest this great success without you guys! We’ve had 15 amazing days of community discussions, cracking riddles, quizzes and hidden words search challenging the community to compete for their share of AKT with total reward pool of more than US $70,000, as well some major grand prizes.

We’ve had 10 Rounds of tasks taking users through various quizzes and riddles with each round reward running up to $500 worth of AKT for each participant. Our challenges spanned from some more general questions like making a summary for what Akropolis stands for and elaborating on issues with pensions in users’ countries, to more specific ones like coming up with Qs to our CEO and suggesting partnerships, features to the platform and testing Akropolis MVU.

We also pride ourselves on being one of the first to have started this kind of marketing activity in crypto space, and, to be honest we didn’t expect such a massive response from the community that has just started to take shape. The tricky thing right now is that organic user engagement is a rare find, and we were slightly skeptical about driving the community at this point where the market is stagnating and there is very little activity in most of the chatrooms.

At the same time, we didn’t seek to advertise the Quest massively, instead focusing on our existing community and other crypto channels that our team had access to. We always strive to get the Akropolis community to participate in all of our major activities. That’s why we approached the task from an angle way different from conventional bounties or airdrops — a gaming one.

It’s been a lot of fun and I could feel the efforts of the team. Of my year long experience in crypto there are mainly 2 events that stand out. One is the Mainframe real life airdrop, something new and unique. The second one is this one, an interactive IRL event. I read, I wrote, I understood how Akropolis works during the week long quest. Definitely miles ahead of any other PoC event in any other project. I postponed plans, I missed sleep, and my heartbeat rose to running levels while trying to find the answers. Overall, congratulations to the whole team and very much looking forward to what’s next. — @Crypt0mata

As a result, our first Community Quest exceeded all the expectations: at the very start of the Quest we had about 1000 people registered out of which more than 200 eventually participated! We chose not to close the registration during the whole Quest period, so that the participants had a chance to join in up till Round 10, and we had another 1000 registrations over the course of the Quest. With over 2000 user logins, participants from more than 90 countries and 21,000+ responses on Akropolis Telegram, we have to say that was massive success!

We’d like to thank all those of you guys who took part for eager involvement and generation of great amount of content related to the pensions infrastructure and its pitfalls in various countries, along with amazing creative input on how those could be tackled by virtue of blockchain technology and Akropolis’s product. We are now compiling the slogans and ideas into the series of posts that will also announce the winners with the best submissions.

We thank our amazing community for the inspiration and support — our quest would never have become that big without you, guys! A special thanks to all the participants of Round 10 for the testing and valuable feedback to our first MVU.

Our creative community was caught up in the Quest so much, that they were making some amazing stickers and GIFs in breaks between the Rounds! Well, we thought why not launch a separate design challenge? So we invite everyone to contribute to that till September 1!

As promised, we’ve distributed the Grand prizes among the winners of the Rounds and the most active participants. … . More so, the most active participants will be getting special prizes!

It was no easy task to choose one winner, and we ultimately decided to distribute the first two prizes between the two winners. So here are two participants sharing the first and the second prizes:

@Diemou and @jackpison

They both receive 5 ETH each and the trip to Akropolis meet up! Congrats!

We also couldn’t choose just one person for the third place so here are participants who receive 3d place prize: a ledger wallet and Akropolis merch:


Additional prizes go to our active community members, during the quest and after, Akropolis merch. Thank you guys for this!

@Daryllautk + 1
@MarselinJ + 1

And another special thanks goes to our supporters that helped spreading the word about the quest as well as hiding the hints to answers:

Diddy Carter

Here are some reviews from the participants about the Quest:

The Quest is just awesome! I am really thankful to the Akropolis team for this opportunity! I really enjoy the rounds, I am feeling like Indiana Jones and the mystery of the Akropolis :wink: Everything is very well handled, no delays.. everything is just perfect! PS: Today and yesterday rounds was a bit difficult :smile: Cheers and thank you one more time! — Anonymous Feedback

Thank you for playing!


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