Akropolis Development Update: January 2020

Feb 6, 2020 · 3 min read

January was a busy month for us in terms of development.

In our December tech update, we described the approaches to uncollateralized lending as well as the technical design of the product. Below is our end-of-January progress report.

Product update: Lending Pool

To work with it, you will need test ETH and DAI — the Rinkeby ETH faucet for the rETH, and to get test DAI — please write us in Discord.

Developers can already start working with it via smart contracts though, we will share more in our small beta-testing announcement later this week. Stay tuned!

The Testnet v0.3 version allows you to:

  • Log in with different Web3 Wallets thanks to our Web3 Wallet Kit
  • View pool metrics
  • Deposit and withdraw DAI from the pool
  • Check your personal data (balances, etc.)
  • Track how the pool liquidity changes, as well as your balance
  • Apply for a “test” loan
  • Stake for a loan application
  • View a list of all loan applications, your own loans, list of loans available for liquidation, loans interest

Technical update

Ethereum roadmap

  • [completed] Launched Testnet v0.3 on Rinkeby testnet.
  • [completed] Built a dApp to work with Testnet v0.3, accessible at pool.akropolis.io
  • [completed] Started private beta-testing of Testnet v0.3 — if you want to join, contact @Alexander_Maz on telegram or ping us in Discord.
  • [in progress] Product smart contract audit with CertiK.

Substrate roadmap

  • [completed] Launched Syracuse Testnet. We integrated PolkaDAI bridge into our node on Substrate, which also works with different ERC-20 tokens.
  • [in progress] Complete PolkaDAI Bridge integration and Thebes Testnet launch at the beginning of February.

Open Source Development

Here’s the work completed since receiving a grant from Web3 Foundation in December:

  • [completed] [submitted ahead of schedule] The first milestone of the Polkahub project has been shipped and passed all acceptance criteria. Find all relevant documentation in the main project repository https://github.com/akropolisio/polkahub-monorepo
  • [in progress][due ahead of schedule] Second and third milestone: includes full authorization and registration of users in Polkahub, automatic project assembly in parallel agents using Jenkins CI, space allocation for each user to upload their images and increased product capacity.

The Staking portal — has been completed — you can read more about it here.

Web3 Wallets Kit solution development:

  • [completed] added Squarelink support;
  • [in progress] Ledger support is under testing.

You can see how the Web3 Wallets Kit works on testnet, available at pool.akropolis.io.

What’s next?

  • [Ethereum roadmap] Comprehensive beta-testing of our platform — both in terms of code logic and UX;
  • [Ethereum roadmap] Integrating with DefiZap and other ecosystem products;
  • [OpenSource development] Completing the Polkahub grant by delivering the 2nd and 3rd milestone;
  • [Substrate roadmap] Launching the Thebes and Sparta Testnet releases for our DAO framework on Substrate.


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