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Sep 4 · 3 min read
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Hi all!

New development update for Delphi is here — as well as some news about $ADEL.

Development update

New pool

As you know, we launched Aave $bUSD and $sUSD pools earlier this week — currently only whitelisted users can access them as they are still under testing. We also had a lottery in our Discord to a couple of whitelist spots.

We have heard your requests to add farming pools with ADEL and today we’re launching a new pool in preparation for governance rollout in the coming weeks — ADEL pool with NO max cap on the pool so everyone can join!

How does it work?

It’s an ADEL-only Delphi pool, where you deposit ADEL to ‘stake’ it — only this time there are no maximum cap on the pool but there is an individual cap: 10,000 ADEL per wallet.


We’re allocating 40,000 ADEL to incentivise this pool — this reward will be allocated for September 4–6 (3 days period). These rewards will be vested over 4 weeks time (10k ADEL per week distributed). We will be updating LM rewards and rebalancing AKRO & ADEL staking rewards next week (on Monday or Tuesday) — stay tuned for more updates.

Balancer & Uniswap $ADEL pools

In addition to liquidity to existing incentives for AKRO pools on DEXes, we’re going to incentivise ADEL pools on Balancer & Uniswap. Eventually, all incentives will go back to Delphi as we are working on the integration of Balancer & Uniswap pools there.

We will be incentivizing specific ADEL pools, namely:

These specific pools will be incentivized by ADEL. Each liquidity pool will farm 5,000 $ADEL during September 4–6 (3 days period), which will be divided between all liquidity providers based on liquidity supplied — we will be making random snapshots each day. As to LM rewards going forward — stay tuned for updates on Monday/Tuesday next week.

Thanks for your support and stay safe!

Akropolis Team


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