Akropolis token sale update:

A short delay but momentum is growing . . .

Jun 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear Akropolis community,

It’s been an incredible first half of 2018 for Akropolis.

We’ve enjoyed the progress of our private pre-sale, and our fast-growing community is just as passionate as we are about using blockchain technology to safeguard the financial future of millions of people across the world.

With so much optimism and goodwill surrounding Akropolis, we’re excited about the prospect of the public sale.

But in order to meet the regulations of Gibraltar — our company’s home territory — we’ve made the decision to postpone the sale until July 2018.

This will frustrate prospective participants and our community at large. But adhering to regulations has to be our company’s No1 priority. Ever-changing regulatory landscapes are a fact of life for decentralised, token-based platforms worldwide. It’s how we react to these changes that counts.

And above all else, we want to ensure we launch the fairest and most open crowdsale possible.

In the meantime, we can’t thank our initial supporters enough for helping us get where we are.

It’s fuelled by your belief in our vision of building an immutable and transparent smart-contract-based pensions infrastructure.

The latest Akropolis news

Phase 1 of our private pre-sale, dedicated to key strategic contributors, has been completed successfully. We’re glad to disclose we achieved 70% of our total private pre-sale allocation.

Phase 2 of the pre-sale is ongoing. We’re limiting this phase to creditable private participants not strictly related to the sectors and ecosystems we are developing for.

As mentioned, the public sale will take place in July. We will release a date as soon as we can.

Meanwhile we’ll be revealing a series of major appointments over the coming days and weeks:

  • We’ve signed a key partnership with one of the most relevant decentralised protocols in the space.
  • We’re joining several massive networks in the crypto ecosystem. Follow us to discover how and why this will fast-track our growth & development.
  • The last additions to our team and advisory board have surpassed expectations. We’ll let you know who they are in our official channels.

Join our Telegram and follow us on Twitter to keep informed of the news ahead of the public sale.

The Akropolis Team


The Financial Protocol for the Informal Economy


The Financial Protocol for the Informal Economy


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The Financial Protocol for the Informal Economy