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Akropolis Update: ADEL>AKRO Voluntary Swap is live

Hello everyone, we are happy to share the long-awaited details of ADEL>AKRO voluntary swap!

Outlined below is a brief recap of the rationale behind the swap and details surrounding the swap specifics. For a more in-depth summary of the motivation behind the swap please refer to our January Update.

Everyone can begin swapping their ADEL>AKRO! Please read the “Swap Details” section and follow the “Swap Instructions” section if you would like to swap your ADEL for AKRO. Also, please remember that this is a voluntary swap and in agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you are bound to the details provided below if you choose to complete the swap.

ADEL>AKRO Voluntary Swap Recap

ADEL>AKRO Swap Details

Swap Instructions

3. To swap, you will need to accept Terms and Conditions on the swap page and confirm the transaction — each swap option will need a transaction that will swap ADEL to vAKRO.

4. After the swap transaction completes, you will receive vAKRO on your wallet. Please do add custom token to see it, here are the token details:

Contract address: 0x5593143eAE5000983bB015b2E0AC35C125B3376C

Decimal: 18

Symbol: vAKRO

5. After the swap is completed and vesting starts (June 1st), you will be able to start claiming AKRO in exchange for vAKRO. The amount of AKRO available for claim in exchange for vAKRO will rise in accordance with the vesting terms (1/24th from full amount each month).

We’re releasing the swap in iterations — right now, you will be able to swap ADEL from your personal wallet & from staking. The swap. of vesting rewards will come in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to building the future of Akropolis with you! As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns on our social channels!



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