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Celebrate Akropolis’ Anniversary with Special Birthday NFTs on Project Galaxy!

Claim yours from 11 Oct to 25 Oct on Project Galaxy.

Last week, we celebrated our birthday with a post and announced a surprise gift for our oldest stakers. Slightly more than a year ago we had our closed beta launch, and some of you took a leap of faith with us and have trusted us since then. We wanted to celebrate us and we wanted to celebrate you. With that, we will be giving you our first-ever NFTs at Akropolis! We are working with Project Galaxy in order to make this happen.

For our diamond hands, save the date:

From 11 October 1AM to 25 October 1AM UTC, users who started staking with us since closed Beta in August 2020 (and have not withdrawn or made any other exits) would be able to claim a Special animated birthday NFT through our space on Project Galaxy. Users who started staking with us since open Beta in August 2020 (without making any withdrawals) will also be rewarded with a Birthday NFT!

All these addresses have already been whitelisted. If you are qualified, you will be able to mint the NFT directly on the space page. If you find yourself unable to mint it, you do not qualify for this campaign (fret not, there’ll be more campaigns in the future).

How to claim your NFT:

  1. Head to the Akropolis space on Galaxy.
  2. Connect your wallet through the top right button. Please make sure that the connected wallet is the same one you used to deposit assets onto our vaults a year ago.
  3. Ensure that your wallet is on Ethereum mainnet.
  4. Pick the correct space: For users who started staking since closed beta, you will be entitled to Akropolis Anniversary: Gold NFT. For users who started staking after the closed beta in August 2020, you will be entitled to Akropolis Anniversary: Silver NFT.
  5. Ensure that your wallet has enough ETH for gas fees. Depending on the market conditions, you will pay anywhere from $15 USD. Check gas fees here.
  6. Click on ‘Claim’ to mint an NFT and you’re set!

If there are any questions on how to mint the NFTs and if you qualify, please contact our admins on Telegram or Discord.



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