Delphi Update

Sep 11, 2020 · 2 min read

Dear Akropolis community,

Today we have been conducting scheduled contracts & UI/UX upgrades, including:

  • Setting up & upgrading contracts to include AKRO & ADEL rewards;
  • Setting up & adding Curve renBTC pool to mainnet;
  • Adding RenVM widget to UI for native BTC deposits/withdrawals;
  • Bug fixes connected to withdrawals from Curve pools.

This was a complex update which included different pool contracts both in Save & Stake sections, as well as frontend update. To minimise risks and in line with best practice, we put Delphi into maintenance mode to remove any interactions with the protocol.

Our first community call is this Sunday — we posted a vote in Discord for the exact time.

We will be sharing more info on whitelist opportunities for renBTC pool soon :)

Delphi is back online.

Smart contract upgrades are a complex undertaking. During the contract upgrade today, we encountered an issue with upgrading Curve bUSD pool contracts. As a result, we will deploy a new contract for it next week alongside with new LM epoch. In the due time, deposits will be closed for this exact pool, withdrawals will remain open & LM rewards will be distributed manually after epoch ends (after Sep 16).

We are already working with the NexusMutual team on adding Delphi contracts to their platform and will be allocating a substantial % of AKRO for insurance staking on Nexus Mutual. We are hoping to have this finalised in the next few weeks.

As always — thank you for the ongoing support. DeFi is an incredibly exciting and fast-moving field, with not immaterial risks. Be safe out there and feel free to reach out to the team in our channels for any questions!


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