Liquidity Mining at Akropolis: first details

Aug 9, 2020 · 4 min read

We have a lot on a plate this August — Delphi launch on mainnet, Sparta v2 release, ADEL introductions, FAQs, tutorials and so on… Today we want to shed more light on liquidity mining program and how it will start at Akropolis.


Delphi is now live on Rinkeby testnet so there is no liquidity mining at the moment. That will change when Delphi is launched on mainnet — capped preaudit mainnet is coming around August 12.

We were brainstorming how we can reward $AKRO token holders, gamify the process of giving early access and remove possible downsides of first come first served basis — failing transactions (due to high gas prices) & yield farming whales jumping in.

What is it about?

We divided $50,000 cap TVL allocation into three parts:

  1. $20,000 allocation is reserved for early Delphi early supporters & advisors who helped us by making Delphi a reality — all the feedback, functionality choices, $ADEL design, etc. We would not get there without them in such a fast manner — and we think we (both Akropolis team & community) should give our respect and reward them with early access.
  2. $10,000 allocation is given to users who joined Sparta and/or tested Delphi on testnet. Only users who joined before August 9 are eligible. $100 individual cap applies — and this allocation will go to Delphi early supporters if not filled by August 14, 12 PM UTC. Actual addresses will be taken from Etherscan and added to WL — but if you’re worried whether you made it or not, you can always ping @Sidzuka in Telegram or Discord.
  3. $20,000 allocation will go to Akropolis community lottery which will happen in our Discord. More details on the process and eligibility below.

How can I participate in the lottery?

  1. First and foremost — you need to fill out this form Just your Discord name in Akropolis server & ETH address.
  2. Next one — as we want to reward & incentivize $AKRO holders the most, you need to hold at least 50,000 AKRO on your non-exchange ERC-20 wallet used for filling the form.
  3. Monitor our Discord — all qualified members will be added to the closed channel where the lottery will take place. Don’t miss pings there!

How will the lottery work?

We will be using GiveawayBot — proven bot veteran in the space of giveaways & lotteries.

The only thing we can do with it — set up a lottery timeframe, choose channel where the lottery will run and the maximum number of winners per lottery, nothing else. The bot will randomly choose 10 winners at a time — and we will cross-check their eligibility another time via google form filled.

All you would need to do is paying attention to the lottery channel and click on the specific emoji below the bot’s message announcing the lottery round. We will be running lotteries twice per day (4 lotteries overall) — to cover most time zones. Be prepared & do not miss it!

What about liquidity mining during pre-audit launch?

We will be allocating 1М $AKRO и 0.3% from ADEL TTS (180,000 $ADEL) to test liquidity mining in Delphi in the pre-audit capped launch.

Initial liquidity mining program will be pretty simple, rewards amount will be calculated based on the following parameters:

  1. Liquidity supplied by the individual user.
  2. Overall liquidity in the pool.
  3. Coefficients applied to bootstrap specific pools.

Exact numbers & coefficients will be announced in our next update.

Balancer & Uniswap

In addition to liquidity mining starting with capped Delphi launch, we’re going to start the Balancer & Uniswap LM incentives program on August 10. That will last until Delphi full mainnet launch with audit in place (around August 20–24) then LM for Balancer & Uniswap will migrate to Delphi.

We will be incentivizing specific pools on Balancer and Uniswap, namely:

  1. AKRO/USDC 70/30 pool on Balancer, link —
  2. AKRO/wETH 70/30 pool on Balancer, link —
  3. AKRO/wETH pool on Uniswap, link —
  4. AKRO/USDC pool on Uniswap, link —

These specific pools will be incentivized by both ADEL & AKRO. Overall reward pool is set as follows: 0.5% from $ADEL TTS (300,000 $ADEL) and 1 mln $AKRO. Each liquidity pool will earn 75,000 $ADEL & 250,000 $AKRO, which will be divided between all liquidity providers based on liquidity supplied — we will be making random snapshots every couple of days.

P.S. LPs of Balancer pools also receive BAL rewards — more info here.


We want to reiterate and repeat ourselves here:

All Sparta members will farm AKRO in accordance with the liquidity provided with additional incentives for lenders & borrowers. More details will be announced nearer to Sparta v2 release which will happen around August end — but liquidity mining itself has already started with Sparta launch back in June, and all Sparta members already farm AKRO which will be distributed later on a pro-rata basis. So stay tuned for upcoming updates and exact numbers!


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