Liquidity Mining at Akropolis: Week 3 details

Sep 9 · 4 min read
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Happy Wednesday all!

Another week has passed — and what a week it was! $ADEL total supply is now two times less — we posted an announcement about it earlier this week, and here is the proof of burn transaction.

Week 2 retrospective:

  • We successfully filled the $20mn TVL cap on TVL. That was the second TVL cap increase in our guarded launch approach;

New updates & numbers from us & Delphi dashboard created by team:

  • We’ve got 1,014 new users in a week with a total of 1,663 users — that’s a 256% growth!

Week 3 plan:

As ever, please pin & save the link to this public LM Rewards gsheet which is updated every week, with new incentives announced weekly. Key updates are below:

  • $49M TVL cap: We decided to increase the global TVL cap from $20mn to $49M as our first audit by Certik is completed. Another audit is ongoing & we are scheduling the third one for updated functionality.

We have a big update to LM rewards distribution given recent burn of ADEL supply to 30M tokens, as well as analysing pools performance & product itself. Below is our motivation for incentivising specific pools while others see a reduction of rewards:

  • LM rewards are designed to bootstrap liquidity and incentivise genuine users vs. speculators.

For details, see Week 3 LM incentives in the tab “Delphi Sep 9 — Sep 16”.

What’s Next?

  • We’re launching REN integration this week by adding renBTC Curve pool. Total cap on the pool will be USD$100,000 equivalent. While under initial testing, it will be accessible only to whitelisted DeFi users

We continue to work on enhancing & automating our LM model — we’ll be sharing more details for the initial automated structure in the coming weeks.

Stay safe out there!


The Akropolis Team

Information above is provided for illustrative purposes only. This article contains forward looking statements, i.e. statements related to future events, and we cannot guarantee that any such forward looking statements will correlate with the actual future facts or results. You should not construe any information provided above as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained in this article constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer to make an investment or to buy or sell any securities or financial instruments in any jurisdiction. We reserve the right to amend or update this article and any information provided above.


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