Liquidity Mining: Week 2 details

Aug 31 · 3 min read
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Hi all!

What a week it has been! In the flurry of hundreds of new DeFi tokens, forks, genuine mind-boggling innovation and unquestionable scams, we have successfully launched our Delphi and the fair launch was both smooth and quick.

Week 1 retrospective:

Delphi Closed Beta + DEX pools (Aug 10–24)

Delphi Open Beta (Aug 24–30)

DEX pools — Balancer, Uniswap, Mooniswap (Aug 24–30)

Sparta Early LM (Jun 30 — Aug 31)

— Delphi has acquired 649 users since launch, this is out of 7,280 unique wallets that hold AKRO as of now.

— 37% of the total of 7,280 unique wallets have received their AKRO token in the last 7–30 day period — this is our new user base.

— 148 addresses control 90% of the Total Token Supply, which is an increase from the prior figure and shows increasing decentralisation of ownership.

— 21% of the TTS is on exchanges, which represents a reduction from prior 23% and shows the effectiveness of the staking incentives so far. KuCoin and Huobi are the most active liquidity venues.

— 10% of the TTS is on DEXs, split between Uniswap, Balancer and Mooniswap.

Week 2 plan:

What’s next?

— Returns calculator per pool: what % of the APY is derived from:

— native protocol token (“capital gains_1”)

— native protocol supply yield (“income”)

— AKRO+ADEL rewards (“capital gains_2”)

— less gas costs

— “I want to invest X in this pool” — how much am I likely to earn?”

In the mad mad world of DeFi yield-farming, we hope to bring a modicum of balance and a little conservative approach to earning your yield. Whilst the current craziness will inevitably fizzle out, we are already planning recession-proof longer-playing yield products you’ll love.

Stay safe out there!


The Akropolis Team


The Financial Protocol for the Informal Economy

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