Quest 3.0 — creative wizards and the road ahead

Aug 18, 2019 · 4 min read

Dear Akropolitans,

It’s been two weeks since our creative content challenge has ended! As usual, we are working on many fronts right now — development, marketing, preparation for the Berlin Blockchain Week, and more, plus, we remember we still have winners to announce for our Quest — and it’s time to do so!

Do you remember the activity rewards from the point system? Tonight we are ready to announce the winners — and it turns out — there would be more winners than expected!

The total rewards fund for the activity rewards is the same — but we played with it a little and redistributed to reward participants more :)

So, without further ado — let’s begin:

We will be short here — we’re absolutely blown away by the video Alexis made, and we’re in love with María Esperanza! If you ever wondered what the situation is right now in Venezuela and some insights about crypto adoption there, watch their video:

Next place goes to @SignifiedPuma with his two explanatory videos about Akropolis — thank you! You can check them here and here.

The third place goes to @Zn1949 — we really loved your art, this calls for a team DYI session! :)

@haritcoin takes the fourth place, @Cryptovo took the fifth one aaaaaand @Samilbayraktar, @chibi0908 and @dungmmo took the 6, 7 and 8 places (in no specific order) — congratulations!

The first place again goes to Alexis — not only he did tons of recaps, but he also wrote a piece on our quest and even took an interview with Chief Quest Officer Ross! You can check it here.

Second place goes to Arborea — thank you for the insights about community building — and for posing our Community Quest as one of the best ways to step up the game with community engagement! Go check it here.

And the third place goes to Jeremy with his piece on Akropolis and DeFi :)

We can’t agree more!

@JackBlackiswack: everyone already knows that you’re a true meme master, but we want to emphasize it even more and name you the Meme Crusader! You have taken the first place in both Stickers and GIF contests.

@TeaT63, thank you for all your submissions! Making something from scratch takes time (we know it!) and you take the other 1st place in Stickers contest and the second place in the GIFs :)

Look at what @iambaltimora made! His stickers are now used in unofficial Akropolis community for traders — and we totally love them! Legit second place for the stickers contest.

Next comes Chibi (@chibi0908) — and takes the third place both with stickers and Gifs — they’re pretty funny :)

Tung (@tungpham253) took 4th place in both contests with his chicken stickers and Akro BTC GIF :)

And the fifth place for the stickers contest goes to Petr (@nmduc1809) — man, why didn’t you shared them earlier? So cute!

That’s all for now, but fear not and stay tuned as we’re already thinking about future quests! Improving the content, quality and user experience with each quest is truly hard — but we want to make it yet again. What do you think about team play? Or maybe some new challenges in the most unexpected places? Or did you like the community round when you were the ones who created the riddles? Share your ideas with us — every feedback matters!

P.S. Points will be updated in the spreadsheet and bot later :)

All the best,

Akropolis Team


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