Vortex is Now Live on Binance Smart Chain and Arbitrum!

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3 min readFeb 11, 2022


Following the passing of DAO proposal AIP-013, we are excited to announce that Vortex is now live on Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain! 🎉 Akropolis users can now access and interact with Vortex through our dApp.

Vortex is an on-chain basis trading strategy that aims to generate long-term, sustainable and rewarding returns while remaining market-neutral. It efficiently manages strategy positions to collect and compound the Funding Rate from Perpetual Contracts. Learn more about how it works here.

Users can now deposit their USDC or BUSD into the vaults in their respective networks and start earning sustainable yields without worrying about market volatility!

Be sure to connect to the correct network.

Guarded Launch

There are limitations initially to ensure the security of funds and that everything works as expected. As mentioned in our DAO proposal, these restrictions include user access, deposit limits and strategy parameters. We hope to scale beyond these limits quickly, but we believe a guarded launch is the best approach for security reasons and ensures consistency in the desired performance.

The limitation visible to all users is the deposit limit and vault limit. We expect this to scale quickly as our strategists become more comfortable. In the meantime, there is a strict limit for total deposits into Vortex:

  • Full Vortex capacity for Guarded Launch (1st iteration): 250,000 USD
  • Individual user limits (per ETH address): 2,500 USD

As our guarded launch continues, we will quickly increase these limits and open access to a broader range of users. Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest updates!

Note that Vortex will always have a deposit limit by design. Still, we plan on making this as high as possible without causing detrimental effects to our users or underlying strategies.

What’s Next?

While our guarded launch is ongoing, we’re busy working on Vortex V2, which will have higher capital efficiency, higher yields and higher scalability. So wen V2? Follow us to find out!

Try out Vortex now. If you don’t get the chance to enter the vault due to high demand, bookmark the page to be ready when the limits increase! 👀

If you have any questions or need any support when using Vortex, feel free to reach out to the team on Telegram or Discord.

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